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TAAP (Teen Addiction Awareness Program) &
Project TND (Toward No Drug Abuse)
Project TND & TAAP are programs designed for any teenager (ages 13 to 18) who may be "at risk" for developing drug and/or alcohol related problems (OR) for any teen who could benefit from a structured, one-on-one education program dealing with every aspect of substance use and abuse. 90 Minute classes are held after school once a week for 10 weeks.
Current listings of Area Recovery Support Groups
NCADD maintains a comprehensive list of recovery support group meetings in Northeast Mississippi, including NA, AA, Alanon & others. Recovery support groups listed are anonymous fellowships. Confidentiality is essential to these programs. Groups listed in this directory are listed at their request. A directory listing does not constitute or imply NCADD approval or endorsement of any group’s approach to, or practice of, the traditional AA 12-Step program.
Free, Confidential Assessments and Referral to Treatment Centers

Executive Director conducts an informal interview about clients situation and then gives comprehensive information on any or all treatment options (cost, location, availability, etc) so client may make an informed decision about what is best for his or her situation. Adolescent & adult services available. If (formal) professional alcohol/drug assessment is necessary, the SASSI #3 (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Instrument) can be requested. The cost for the SASSI is $50.00 and comes with a written clinical interpretation & NCADD recommendations.

Information & education is also available for family members and/or loved ones seeking help.

New Directions Coffee, Books & Gifts
New Directions is a unique bookstore & coffee shop for the public & people in recovery. We carry all basic texts for 12 Step recovery programs, including the AA Big Book, NA Basic Text, Alanon Conference Approved Literature. We also carry a large a large selection of step working guides, recovery books, self help-books, gifts & much more.
Professional Speakers Bureau
Our twenty-one member strong Professional Speakers Bureau is available for speaking engagements at civic clubs, churches or other groups requesting information about NCADD. The bureau consists of professionals from Law Enforcement, Mental Health, Counseling and related fields.
Free Literature

Our FREE literature rack contains an abundance of information. It's a great place for addicted persons, their families and other involved parties to find clear, reliable information about the often misunderstood disease of addiction.

Dorothy Moorehead Recovery Library
The Dorothy Moorehead Library is a large collection of books and other publications on the subject of addiction, donated by the estate of the late Mrs. Moorehead, who was a long-time member of our Board of Directors, our bookeeper and beloved friend. Her collection has been further expanded through the generous donations of recovering people and the community. The library is located in our facility at 200 North Spring Street in Tupelo, MS and can be enjoyed (in-house) for relaxing & reading while you enjoy a great cup of coffee.
Video Library
Videotapes by Earnie Larson, Father Martin and a host of other nationally known lecturers on addiction and related illness can be viewed at our location at 200 North Spring Street in Tupelo.
Lee County Adult Jail Information Center
NCADD provides & maintains an information center in the lobby of the jail for families and loved ones of incarcerated persons who may be suffering from chemical dependency. 91% of all incarcerated persons are charged with drug and/or alcohol related crimes.
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